A hard money loan works as an asset-based loan, meaning that while hard money lenders take into consideration the investor’s credit score, this is not a crucial factor in determining his or her eligibility. Instead, lenders require that you use real estate property as collateral.

They use the price of the property to calculate the risk of the loan and the Loan to Value (LTV). On the other hand, real estate developers, investors, and flippers use hard money to get the required funds to close time-sensitive deals where they can get a property at a low price, flip (fix) it, raise the value of the property and then sell or rent at a profit.

The main reason real estate investors choose to apply for a hard money loan is that private lenders can fund the deal within a week–or less if the borrower meets all the qualifications.

HML’s work great on short-term flips and rehabs, or for first-time purchases, yet on longer-term investments, HML’s are not the best idea.

Hard money loans also work similarly to bridge loans. They both have similar criteria for lending. Bridge loans are solely for buying real estate properties or investment properties that don’t qualify for traditional lending programs. A bridge loan can also be used as a down payment for a new home when the buyer hasn’t sold their current house yet.

Bridge loans can be issued by traditional and private lenders, and HMLs are only issued by private lenders, like Bull Venture Capital.

Hard money loans also work similarly to bridge loans

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Required Documents

For A Purchase

  • Signed 1003 Real Estate Loan Application
  • 2 months of Business and/or Personal Bank Statement
  • Copy of purchase agreement (If available)
  • Copy of appraisal (If available)
  • Scope of Work or Budget Schedule (if requesting rehab/renovation funds)
  • Rent Roll if you have multiple income-producing units (If applicable)

Required Documents

For A Purchase

  • Signed 1003 Real Estate Loan Application
  • Copy of recent mortgage statement (if there is an existing balance)
  • Copy of appraisal (If available)
  • Rent Roll if you have multiple income-producing units (If applicable)

If you have questions about this process call our office and/or review this guide: Reasons to Refinance Your Rental Investment Property.


Borrower Parameters:

A borrower seeking a hard money loan must meet the following generally stated requirements. Specific minimum requirements are set following our receipt of a loan application.

  • Borrowing entitles are ideally LLCs or Corporations
  • Reasonable existing income reflected in bank statements
  • Reasonable cash reserves reflected in bank statements
  • A credit score of 550 or better (exceptions apply)
  • Ability to perform an exit strategy may be needed

What is a Hard Money Loan?

A hard money loan (HML) is a short-term financing solution, issued by private lenders, that allows real estate investors to obtain capital fast to develop, flip, or own properties directly.

A hard money loan is secured by the value of the subject real estate property, not by the borrower’s credit score. That’s how hard money lenders protect themselves against default by the borrower. Therefore these short-term or bridge loans can be obtained rather quickly. “Hard money” is a term used mostly in the U.S. and Canada where this kind of loan is common. Fix and flip or rehab loans are just like hard money lending.

Unlike a traditional mortgage, hard money loans are not issued by traditional banks. This type of loan is only issued by private investors.

Hard Money Frequently Asked Questions

No, we only lend for residential investment properties.

Each case is unique and is evaluated individually based on the property type, cash flow of the property, your credit history, etc. Fill out our application form for a free quote.

Yes, we can fund your clients with tax liens. We understand tax liens and have closed multiple transactions with tax issues.

Not at this moment. Only first mortgages.

We assess the general market value of the property based on a number of factors, including: comparable sales, condition of the property, renovation that’s taken place, location, type of property, and a number of other criteria.

Not at all. All we need to start is a filled application form.

Based on the value that Bull Venture Capital determines we lend up to a maximum Loan to Value ratio of 90%. For example, if the property is worth 1 million, the loan amount could be $900,000.00

We lend in all 50 states. We are based in Newport Beach, CA and we serve all major cities in the United States.

We get funding done as fat as 5 days and have been cataloged as one of the top fix and flip lenders.

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